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In the 1670s Hannah Woolley wrote an advice book for young women wishing to become the companions of gentlewomen, in which she commented that there was “a kind of privilege in youth for wearing fashionable clothes” and that dressing well would “add more beauty”.

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Cesare was hardly cardinal material. He enjoyed hunting, wearing fashionable clothes and having affairs. He became extremely jealous of his younger brother, Juan, when he was given the title of Duke of Gandia. Cesare considered that this title should have been his. In 1497 Juan was killed under mysterious circumstances. Three years later Cesare was involved in the murder of his brother-in-law, Alfonso.

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It is very stylish and comfortable to wear. Men tend to be liked more by women when they are well groomed. A person having a personal style that is unique, fashion can give a person more confidence. When people are well dressed it can cause people to respect them more. People wear fashionable clothes to appear more beautiful and respectful.Opposite to most of you, I am a fashion slave. I do really neeed to wear fashionable clothes all the time. Personality is important, therefore fashion give me support for the way I am. There is nothing better than feeling good with the way you look, it gives you self confidence. You do not need to expend so much money to be in the mood. You just need some good fashion sense.For young women, choosing to do a STEM degree can mean breaking away from the social norm of marrying after high school or during undergraduate studies and having children. In Nigeria, among other countries, STEM students are predominantly male. In many societies a girl’s choice to study science can be understood as a decision that and making her appear less feminine. Personally, I have seen girls studying in this field who have felt obliged to portray their seriousness in a male-dominated field by not using make-up, deliberately avoiding wearing fashionable clothes and trying to hide their femininity. This image, combined with the pressure of marriage and motherhood, has dissuaded many girls from studying STEM subjects in favour of courses that are considered more appropriate for their gender.Italians today take pride in being ben vestiti (well-dressed)—which can mean vestire alla moda (wearing fashionable clothes), vestire a festa (wearing one’s Sunday’s best), vestire splendidamente (dressing to kill) or vestire per fare colpo (dressing to impress). Now, thanks to Dolce & Gabbana, fashion is looking at itself in a new way-- and sharing what it sees with a world more connected than ever (un mondo più connesso che mai).
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So if men do not select women according to their fashion sense, why do women bother? Fashion has a cost, and that cost has to be borne by some advantage. If women do truly have an innate fashion interest, and men truly have none, then the war must be, I suggest, between women. Women are not trying to attract men by wearing fashionable clothes, but they are trying to give themselves an edge over potential rivals.

There are many positive point of wearing fashionable clothes but it share some negative points also

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In my country with hard bound in women's cover , there are many girls & women who wear fashionable cloths . They are not Fashion slave ! They like freedom & use a lot of intelligence to wear somethings make them more beautiful :)

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All Mehta saw was an articulate, charming older woman who complained about her aching hip and asked if he would show her more and more of his expensive wares. She was wearing fashionable clothes, gold earrings and carrying a nice purse.