Save the date for the Wellesley Widows' Fall Final Concert!

Also performing at Acastock will be MIT’s Logarhythms, The Wellesley Widows of Wellesley College, the Nipmuc Regional High School a cappella group and The Works, which features Wellesley residents Elizabeth Cohen, Patrick Rafter and Betsy Rosen.

Wellesley Widows' Fall Teaser 2014 – Ellie Goulding Mashup

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Wellesley Widows Fall Teaser 2015 - MMMBop

Whip out your jellies and your chokers, because the Wellesley Widows are going to throw back for their final concert! Come see how we "get down" and "raise the roof" on Friday, November 15th at 8:00 pm in the Jewett Auditorium!!

She Said - Wellesley Widows - Olin PowerChords Spring Concert 2015

First off, the Axies would like to send a very warm thank you to the Wellesley Widows, the Williams Accidentals, and the Sarah Lawrence Vocal Minority for allowing us the opportunity to perform with them at their amazing colleges! We had a great time with each and every one of you and look forward to more meetings in the future. For those of you traveling fans (including Vassar friends and even some brave family members) we express our deepest gratitude for your continuing support at the venues. You make it all worthwhile.

The Wellesley Widows
Enjoy cocoa and sweet treats with your hostess while listening to performances by Wellesley Blue Jazz and two of our a cappella groups: Wellesley Widows and Blue Notes.In the evening, after the annual banquet when the graduating seniors are welcomed into the ranks of alumni, the Gents will hold their annual "Singing Through The Years" concert. Gents will get up in front of the crowd and sing--or at least attempt to sing--songs from their era. Other singing is impromptu, around the campfire or under the stars. They may reminisce about highlights: Singing Valentines, a performance on the NBC "Today Show," the televised festival with the Wellesley Widows, Middlebury Mischords and Brown Hijinx. Low points might come up, too: such as the infamous 1979 Colby College concert, where beleaguered Gents tried to sing "My Wild Irish Rose" to a group of inebriated Mardi Gras partygoers.
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Wellesley Widows' Fall Teaser 2014 – Ellie Goulding Mashup.

THREE A CAPELLA GROUPS, each with its own style, stormed the Wellesley College campus last week. The Wellesley Widows set the tone of the evening, followed by the too-cool professionalism of the Harvard Krokodiloes and the care-free playfulness of the Co Co Beaux.

The Wellesley Widows

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The Wellesley Widows are a thirteen voice a cappella singing group. We celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2009, making us one of the nation’s oldest women’s collegiate a cappella singing ensembles. Originally known as the Wellesley College Octet, the Widows have a wide repertoire, specializing in popular music from the 1930s to the present, including modern songs by Ellie Goulding, OneRepublic, and Imagine Dragons. We are proud to carry on a tradition of fine musical entertainment to audiences all over the United States as: The Wellesley Widows -Dressed to Kill since 1949.

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This year’s awards will celebrate the positive contributions of Women and will be held in the San Diego Marriott Bayside Room on May 26, 2007. We hope to present the first annual Aids Activist Award at the Women's International Living Legacy Award to - Screen Legend, Businesswoman, HIV/AIDS Activist (amfAR). Other honorees include - Humanitarian, Chinese Culture and Immigrant Communities; - Business Leader, Immigration and Agricultural Reformer; - Internationally Recognized Artist and Investment Manager; Mother/Daughter Award - Olympic Sailor, and - Community Builder; USAF - First woman to ever fly with the US Air Force Thunderbirds; – Actress, Director, Theatre Luminary; USMC – Commanding General MCRD; --_ Multi-talented actor; – Founder Tibetan Healing Center; - Organization Award; - Volunteer Spirit Award. We will fill the night with inspirational stories from magnificent Honorees and our Co-MCs Carol Hasson and Marcie McGahey Cecil along with music from the Benny Hollman Orchestra, Jazz Legend Cynthia Hammond, the 16 member all-female group Wellesley Widows, and Brazilian Songstress Marta Santos.