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Before answering the question, “What is an ideal society?” you must first be sure of the actual meaning of the word society. Some probably think its obvious, but to be clear, a society is a grouping of individuals who share common interests and may have distinctive culture and institutions. The members of these societies may be from different ethnic groups and it can be a particular people such as the Saxons, a nation state, such as Bhutan, or a boarder cultural group, such as a Western society. After considering what makes a society, I believe that the social ideal is one where there is liberty, justice, kindness and peace.

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Long before communism was thought of, Thomas More derived an idea similar to it. This might have contributed to the beginnings of socialism. His idea was called "utopia". The meaning of the word has changed significantly over the years. Today, it means an ideal perfection, especially in laws and social conditions. I believe Thomas More thought of Utopia as an ideal society. What is an ideal society? An ideal society varies towards the perspective of each individual and to the economics of the environment in which the person lives in. More lived during the early 1500’s. During that time, the technology was simple and the economic demand was not sophisticated. So More’s views ...

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